Change the South,
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October 2022

On October 15th, attorneys for the NC NAACP submitted an official letter to the U.S. Department of Justice requesting three immediate remedies to further justice, accountability, and transparency in Columbus County including:

  1. Expedite and ensure the full independence of a Federal civil rights investigation into the statements made and discriminatory actions taken by Sheriff Jody Greene
  2. Deploy DOJ election monitors to Columbus County during the upcoming November 2022 General Election, including during the 17 days of early voting proceeding election day
  3. Hold a listening session with community members in Columbus County to determine other civil rights violations and community needs that the Department of Justice has the authority to provide a path to redress.

The letter also revealed that Jody Greene has documented relationships to the anti-government, white militia group, the Oath Keepers- whose members were reported to be at Columbus County polling sites during the 2020 elections, engaging in poll monitoring in an intimidating manner.

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