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Statement on new voting maps in NC

February 25, 2022- The final redistricting maps for NC General Assembly House and Senate and Congressional maps are now in place and candidate filing began Wednesday, February 23, 2022. The final maps are fairer but still result in the voices of Black voters being diluted, particularly in the NC Senate map, which the court upheld as adopted by the NCGA — a map deeply protested by the public. If we had a new fully restored Voting Rights Act these maps would have had to have been pre-cleared. 

We recognize when political leadership seeks to undermine the democratic process through unethical gerrymandering of maps and voter disenfranchisement in order to stifle Black voters. Without federal protections, we will continue to see the systematic erosion of voting rights that we have fought for for decades. 

North Carolina has been at the forefront of some of the most restrictive voting rights policies in the country. As we await final decisions in our voting rights restoration and voting rights cases against the state, we are reminded of legislators’ relentless attempts to restrict access to our democracy, and hold on to their power, at the expense of the will and needs of the people. 

We all deserve the opportunity to have our interests represented through a true democracy and an equitable political process that we have all inherited full power and access to. Along with powerful movements of people rising up to fight for human rights and dignity, we will continue to fight to protect our democracy and ensure that equitable access to the ballot is protected for generations to come.

You can view the final maps here: