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Statement of Solidarity – August 2023

Forward Justice Statement of Solidarity with NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls


MORRISVILLE, NC – Yesterday, North Carolina Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls filed a lawsuit against the North Carolina Judicial Standards Commission arguing the Commission violated her First Amendment rights. This lawsuit comes after the Commission re-opened an investigation into comments made by Earls regarding the lack of racial diversity at the NC Supreme Court. Justice Earls is one of two Black justices on North Carolina’s highest court and is the only Black woman on a panel of seven. Forward Justice released the following statement in support of the First Amendment rights of NC Supreme Court Justice Anita Earls:

“Justice Anita Earls is an esteemed civil rights attorney and is known for her willingness to speak up on issues of racial injustice. This is not simply an investigation; it appears to be part of a troubling pattern of attempts to chill the free speech of a Black woman who is not afraid to bring light to racial inequities in our state courts and to fight to correct them. Justice Earls’ position requires her to be fair and impartial, which involves addressing issues and conditions that inhibit that ability, even if they come from within our own systems. As a civil rights organization that understands the importance of diversity and diligently fights against racial injustice not only in North Carolina but throughout the US South, Forward Justice stands in support of the First Amendment rights of Justice Anita Earls, who has displayed throughout her career an unwavering commitment to promoting equity and justice.”