Change the South,
Change the Nation



Changing the South will take collaboration, community, and courageous leadership. Forward Justice provides leadership and support for all of these campaigns through litigation, advocacy, and strategic partnership. Together, these campaigns will shape movements that will allow us to change the South and change the Nation

Storytelling Campaign

The power of storytelling and language have always served as integral tools in revealing the truth about our society; and exposing the discrepancies that exist between the dominant narrative and the realities of those who are oppressed.

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COVID-19 Decarceration Efforts

We’re urging NC officials to take immediate, bold action to prevent the spread of COVID-19 in North Carolina jails and prisons, and save lives.

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Unlock Our Vote Campaign

Our fight to restore Voting Rights to Nearly 60,000 North Carolinians who have been disenfranchised by unconstitutional laws.

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End Criminal Justice Debt Campaign

Our fight to protect poor people and people of color from the exploitation inherent in the criminalization of poverty.

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Season of Democracy Campaign

We’re working to protect our elections and expand access to our democracy to ensure that the ‘we’ in ‘We the People’ is truly inclusive and representative of ALL North Carolinians.

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Clean Slate Campaign

Our Clean Slate Campaign supports second chances by removing barriers to successful reentry for people who have been caught in the criminal legal system.

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Dontae Sharpe Freedom Campaign

Dontae Sharpe, now Forward Justice R.I.S.E. Fellow, freed after serving 26 years in case of wrongful conviction.

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