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Storytelling Campaign

The power of storytelling and language have always served as integral tools in revealing the truth about our society; and exposing the discrepancies that exist between the dominant narrative and the realities of those who are oppressed.

Kimaya Davis, FJ Law & Narrative Fellow

Davis setting up the camera and scene for an interview with one of the attendees at the Chapter Launch/Expungement clinic in Charlotte.

As the spirit of these times calls our society to a higher understanding of community, equity, and liberation, we must take ownership of our narratives, and speak our truth in our own voices.

We collect and share stories from those in our communities who are directly impacted by mass incarceration,  criminal justice debt, discriminatory voting legislation, and other injustices. We appreciate each of these people for their bravery, vulnerability, and resilience; and we uplift these stories, voices, and experiences with the intention that they lead to real discussions and a critical understanding of the issues plaguing Black, Brown, and Poor people in the South.

As revolutionary communicators, we know that our communities deserve more truthful, nuanced stories that paint a realistic picture of our experiences and desires. It is no longer acceptable to push the status quo and society's dominant narrative, which seeks to dehumanize and misrepresent the oppressed and discredit who we are and what we demand our collective future to be.

We hope that increased understanding and narrative power building will be catalysts for us to unite and create actionable solutions to repairing the harm that has been historically done to these communities while working together to reimagine our future, build a movement, and become active participants in calling for justice to usher in the Third Reconstruction of America.

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Voices From The Inside

The COVID-19 pandemic presents an urgent crisis for those currently incarcerated, as prisons and jails present the highest risk of illness from the virus. Since March of 2020, we have received letters from incarcerated people and phone calls from concerned family members expressing concerns the spread of COVID-19 and inhumane conditions and treatment. Hear from the families of those currently incarcerated on how the deadly virus impacts the health and wellness of their loved ones inside.

End Criminal Justice Debt

No one should have to choose between paying court fines and fees and feeding themselves. The impact of criminal justice debt can be crippling, especially for those already facing challenges from the collateral consequences of being entangled in the criminal legal system. Hear first-hand how these financial burdens impact people trying to build a better life.

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Clean Slate

The current system of incarceration and re-incarceration is not only detrimental to our communities, but it undermines the safety of our communities and fails the lives of Black and brown people. Hear first-hand from directly impacted people on why they believe there is power in giving second chances and working to remove barriers to reentry for people with criminal records.

Unlock Our Vote NC

Thousands of North Carolinians live, work, and pay taxes in our communities, yet are unable to vote due to a discriminatory felony disenfranchisement law. Learn more about the law's impact and hear directly from fellow community members about what is it like to live under taxation without representation.

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Season of Democracy

In the face of relentless attacks on voting rights and our democracy, learn what access to the ballot truly means, what's at stake in this fight, how we're fighting back, and why we must protect and expand voting rights in this critical moment.